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Chocolate for Breakfast

2 Jun

I have a day off today and what better way to celebrate my recent sales (I’m up to 6 now!) than with home-made milkshakes and Guylian chocolates? I just love those. Every calorie of them. 

I bought a blender a few weeks ago and we’ve been vast friends ever since. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not much of a culinary princess, but everyone can whip up a smoothie, right? So I’ve turned it into an art form. Fresh fruit, yoghurt, ice-cream, juice. I mix it all up. Sometimes, I add a bit of honey for sweetness. Yum.

But my favourite is the milkshake. I buy vanilla ice-cream, add caramel sauce and start blending. It’s best if you wait until the ice-cream is beginning to melt. That way, it’s easier to drink. It’s delicious with the full flavour of ice-cream instead of that crap they use at McDonald’s. I am never going back!

Why do my posts keep showing as date undefined? Things like that really tick me off.