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Easter Party

18 Apr

We had an Easter Party recently. We’re not much for waiting till the actual event takes place and I’ll be relocating to Madeira on Thursday so this was the only way I could participate.

At any rate, we baked cupcakes, which was jolly good fun (and tasty, too). We still had a lot of bunnies and chicks for decorations and tucked into cookies and other sweets.

Chicks, Eggs and Easter Bunnies

27 Mar

It quite surprised me to see all the Easter decorations in the shops. Isn’t Easter a month away? 

Yet when I perused the accessories section at Awear, pinks and yellows hit me over the head. Now, I love them little chicks as much as the next farmer but aren’t they a bit presumptuous? 

Anyway, without any further ado, here they are.

I always love these tiny decorative items you can just drop anywhere for a splash of colour. Those chicks especially can just about cling to anything with their strong, little bendable legs.

Fluffy Easter bags for kiddie paradise. I think they’re adorable but what would you use them for?

Because you need to have pictures and posters with chicks all over your house. Evidently.

Chocolate Easter eggs at Thornton’s. Yummy. And available in all sizes.

And available in different colours too. 

Yes. We got the message!