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Sherlock Holmes A Game of Shadows Trailer 2011 HD

13 Jul
Looking good! I enjoyed the first film and this trailer looks very promising.
Sherlock in drag for the win. Also like the gypsy character. Bring it on!

The End of an Era: Last Harry Potter

7 Jul

It’s kind of sad. Next week, the last Harry Potter film will be released. I, like millions of other readers, devoured the seven books. Some of them, I bought on their release day. I’d read them from start to finish. I endured headaches and other distractions, but I refused to put the books down until I’d finished them.

Alright, I had a pit-stop so I could have dinner. But I wanted to know what happened next. J.K. Rowling built us an incredible world filled with magic. She got kids reading and revived the fantasy genre. Single-handedly. No wonder she’s the second-richest woman in England.

Now, that magic has come to an end. At least we got one extra film out of the experience. But it also means I will finally be able to get that much-anticipated box set. Thanks to relatives, I haven’t had to buy any of the films on DVD yet. Nope. Ever since the first ones were released, it was my intention to wait till the whole series was available. It would just look so much prettier on my shelf.

By then, I will hopefully have attained a blu-ray player as well. I already have plenty of DVDs but a few are on my blu-ray list: Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth BBC-series), Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Voldemort in blu-ray clarity. Creepy.

I’ve seen all seven movies in theatre so I’m looking forward to catching the last one on the big screen. It is my understanding that some cinemas will be showing a HP marathon. Can you imagine? All eight films back-by-back? I think I’d melt into the seat or dissipate.

Once I get back from seeing it, I will write a review. So far, I read one favourable review from the Daily Mail but that is hardly a reliable source so I’ll reserve my judgement till I see it for myself. Not sure when that will be, though. Didn’t reserve any tix. We’ll see.

And then we will only have Twilight to sustain us. -grumble-

>Peter Pan and Captain Hook are brothers?

8 Mar


Seriously? Pan and Hook as brothers?

That’s the latest rumour about ”Pan” (which I like better than Peter Pan Begins), in which Channing Tatum is said to be starring as the boy who refuses to grow up.

I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. So Captain Hook’s real name is James Pan? Ugh. I just can’t see it. No, so far I’m not feeling it. Apparently, they’re shopping around the pic and Sony Pictures paid 1 mil for the rights.

>Oscars 2011: King Firth, politics and playing it safe

28 Feb


As expected, Colin Firth was awarded the Best Actor Oscar for his commendable portrayal of King George in The King’s Speech. The movie itself won Best Picture, despite competition from such films as Black Swan, Inception and The Social Network (which had been hotly tipped to pip them to the post).

Natalie Portman lived up to expectation by winning Best Actress. For the best supporting statuettes the lucky ones were Christian Bale and Melissa Leo. No real surprises there, eh?

The Oscars is at times more politics than common sense. Inception, one of the most innovative films in recent cinema history, was probably released too soon to be a serious contender. Black Swan and The King’s Speech by comparison were released months later. Perfect for Oscar season. It gave them more time to build a proper hype and as the Oscars rarely take a chance (and let’s face it, Inception and Black Swan are too unusual and original to appeal to the old-fashioned Oscar voters), The King’s Speech was the obvious choice.

It ticked many of their popular boxes. Historical drama. Check. Biography. Check. Royalty. Check. Physical obstacle. Check. Best Actor starring in the film. Check.

It has become a bit of a tradition to have an overall favourite – a film they award the most Oscars. They never have a tie. That’d be like saying: ”We don’t know which movie was the best this year.” And we can’t have that, can we?

But I’m not complaining. I much preferred The King’s Speech to The Social Network. Upon watching a few interviews with its star, Jesse Eisenberg and the man on which his performance was based, I came to the conclusion that he did not portray Mark Zuckerberg. No, not at all. I saw not one similarity in their speech patterns or mannerisms. Jesse Eisenberg played a more clever, highly-quotable version of himself. And considering his performance was the most appealing thing about the whole movie, I’m glad it did not win Best Picture.

That being said, I wish the Academy would’ve surprised us by naming Inception best picture. It would’ve been most deserving but that has never been at the top of their list.

>Continued: Dark Fairy Tales to Hit Cinemas

12 Feb


Nicholas Hoult

Well, isn’t Jack and the Beanstalk pretty much a fairy tale? So I say it counts. Anyway, Bryan Singer is set to direct an adult version of the famous children’s tale named Jack the Giant Killer. Oooh, they even put the word killer in the title. Do I sense a R rated adaptation coming our way? I sure hope so!

Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, Skins) is in talks for the lead role while the fabulous Stanley Tucci is also rumoured to star in the flick. Wouldn’t he make a great villain? Fingers crossed. Other actors recently cast are Bill Nighy and John Kassir.

According to reports, the film will feature Jack as a farmer on a mission. A princess has been kidnapped so our brave hero must venture into the kingdom of the giants.

Let’s hope Hoult paid attention during weapon training for Clash of the Titans. This sounds like a sword-wielding adventure. Who will play the princess? I’m hoping for Bill Nighy in a wig.

>Highlander remake on its way

10 Feb


And if that fact alone doesn’t make you cringe, this will: the screenplay was written by Melissa Rosenburg, most famous for the classics that are the Twilight scripts. Talk about an interesting transition. How does one go from teenage angst to head-chopping action?

On the bright side, this is Hollywood’s chance to make some improvements on the original. Yes, it was a great, entertaining action flick and Lambert made for some yummy eye-candy. But maybe this time they can…

1) Cast a Scotsman to play MacLeod. Maybe James McAvoy.
2) Let Ramirez be played by a Spaniard. Antonio Banderas?
3) Find a more interesting heroine than what’s-her-face. Gemma Arterton? I like surprising casting choices.
4) Have a baddie more multi-layered and less of a freak.
5) More backstory. To be honest, that’s my favourite part. It’s all them kilts.

The only thing I’m certain that can’t be improved upon is the music. Who doesn’t remember the epic soundtrack Queen provided? -sigh- But maybe they can go the Daft Punk route and churn out a killer music score.

Producer Neal Moritz has promised that the new film will “stay true to the core of what we believe Highlander is.” But I’m still far from convinced. You just don’t mess with classics. Why do they even need to be remade? What’s the point?

Fast Five director Justin Lin will helm the remake. Who? I have no idea. It sure as hell doesn’t sound too promising so far.

>Dark Fairy Tales to Hit Cinemas

9 Feb


Red riding hood (2011)

I love fairy tales – especially dark ones as originally written by The Brothers Grimm. So when I heard that three different adaptations of Snow White are currently in the works I couldn’t help but get excited. Fairy tales invariably have a period feel as befitting the ethereal atmosphere of such stories and upon hearing more details about the three different versions, I found myself intrigued.

Julia Roberts has just been cast as the Evil Queen in The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. ”Julia was our first and only choice to play the Queen,” said producer and Relativity CEO Ryan Kavanaugh in a statement. “She is an icon, and we know that she will make this role her own in a way that no one else could.”

What, America’s sweetheart as a villain? Gasps of terror resound all over the world. I happen to think it’s brilliant casting. Hollywood loves it when actors are dragged out of their comfort zone and Julia could use a meaty role to sink her teeth into after the mixed reviews she received for Eat, Pray, Love. And yet, I am equally interested in the other versions.

One of them is called Snow White and the Huntsman, the Universal film starring Charlize Theron as its Evil Queen (Viggo Mortensen is in talks to play the Huntsman). So far, this one sounds most promising in my honest opinion. Charlize has the acting chops to carry it off and Viggo certainly has that hunter act down (well, he was a bit of a hunter in LOTR, no?). I can’t wait to hear which actresses will grace our screens as Snow White so I’ll reserve my judgement till then. I initially heard a rumour about Kirsten Stewart being courted for the sought-after role but her reps have since denied ever being approach. There is a God!

And then there’s the Disney version currently titled Snow and the Seven. A live-action Snow White that takes place in China with seven warriors instead of seven dwarfs. Did I mention it’s directed by Francis Lawrence of I am Legend? Yes, really. Snow White goes Asian. The synopsis? A British girl in 19th century Hong Kong trains with seven Shaolin monks to help her fight evil. It’s listed for release in 2013 so we should receive more information soon. Unless they reveal the whole movie was the result of an acid trip that should never have seen daylight. Time will tell.

Another ”dark, gothic remake” that has received a lot of attention lately is Red Riding Hood, directed by Catherine Hardwick of Twilight fame (which may or may not be a good thing…probably it’s not) and starring Amanda Seyfried from Mama Mia! and Mean Girls. The trailer looks quite sexually-charged and dark so it should be interesting to see how this adaptation turns out. The medieval setting suits the story and it stars the very talented and underrated Gary Oldman. If it’s a hit, it could pave the way for other similar films. Perhaps a gothic Peter Pan or a horror version of Sleeping Beauty.

You never know in Hollywood.

Hansel and Gretel

Another interesting upcoming release is Hansel and Gretel. Thigh-killing Bond girl Jamke Janssen will play the leader of a witch coven. Let’s hope they don’t uglify her too much. Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton will star as the famous siblings who get lost in the woods and  nearly end up as a witch’s snack. In this retelling, however, the duo are grown up into witch-slayers. Just imagine the possiblities. Will there be breadcumbs? Not sure. Will there be butt-kicking action? You betcha.