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>Sixties Sophistication: Mad Details on Mad Men

25 Jan

>Count me among those who have yet to see Mad Men. Although the show looks undeniably stylish and has been lavished with numerous awards, I’ve yet to see one episode. After a long day at the office, I lack the time to watch series after series. Having recently finished my Supernatural S1 – S4 DVD box, I’ve now continued with House (S1 – S6). I can squeeze in one or two episodes a night before I go to bed and manage a few more on the weekends. Even so, you do the math. It’d take me another few months before I have time to immerse myself in the sixties world of Mad Men.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested. You might think it’s the costumes that are beginning to draw me in; pictures of pretty ensembles appear frequently all over the internet. Or you might think it’s the billboard charm of Don Draper that piques my curiosity and honestly, he knows how to wear his suits with style. Or you might think it’s the time period in general that puts Mad Men on the top of my to-see list. Nope. My mind was made up when I read an article about the props. Yes, you read that right. The reason I want to see Mad Men is because of the details rather than the big picture. Mostly the perfume bottle holder. It’s a gorgeous piece that really completes the scene.

I’ll show you what I mean. Click the link at the bottom to view the article and images in their original size for better viewing.

Seeking perfection: A stagehand attends to a minor prop detail as actresses January Jones and Kiernan Shipka (Betty and Sally Draper) prepare for a scene

CLASSY: Characters Roger Sterling and Don Draper in a bar scene

CLASSY: Characters Roger Sterling and Don Draper in a bar scene

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>Fashion Fantastic: Christian Dior Chique

24 Jan


Modern fashion can be fabulous. But judging from these photographs, you have to be a millionaire to afford any of it. Nevertheless, let’s sit back and enjoy the beauty of John Galliano’s creations. Some bold choices with Fifties chique make-up and hairdo’s.
Christian Dior couture
Christian Dior couture
The colours from the show greatly varied from pastels to bright reds. Volume seemed a key word as there was an abundance of flowing gowns coupled with dramatic headdresses and detail.

Christian Dior coutureChristian Dior couture
Christian Dior coutureChristian Dior couture

Restrained palette: Christian Dior haute couture
Note all the red flowing designs and the exaggerated puff sleeves. To say not everyone could get away with this look would be an understatement. That being said, some of the models look seriously underfed and in need of a dozen Happy Meals. 

My personal favourite. This one actually seems relatively wearable as far as designer clothing goes. I love the big fluffy shoulder. Would certainly leave that black face scarf home.

Christian Dior couture

Here come the headdresses. With their fierce red lipsitck and classy do’s, they could star in Mad Men and not look out of place. Save for the red eyebrows perhaps…
Christian Dior coutureChristian Dior coutureChristian Dior couture