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>Books vs. E-readers

7 Jan


I bought the Sony Pocket Edition E-reader a while ago and have been using it for months now. As such, I would like to discuss the advantages of e-readers and compare them to those of regular books so potential buyers might make up their mind more easily.


* Light and relatively small. Makes it easy to carry and enables you to read without getting in anyone’s way.
* Modern, pretty design. Will make it look as if you are up-to-date on technology. 
* Room for up to 300 books so you only need one device to keep yourself entertained.
* Automatically keeps track of your progress. No need to use bookmarkers.
* The eBook library allows you to transfer PDF, Word and other text files to your e-reader.
* When you order an e-book, you don’t have to wait for delivery. You can download it instantly.


* New product so not all books are available yet as e-books.
* Don’t come with bookcovers.
* Not the same as a rare first edition on your bookshelf.


* Have a lovely cover that looks good on your bookshelf.
* Are available in different editions that can be quite valuable.
* More books available than e-books.
* Give one an air of intellect (also a potential con when viewed as a bookwurm)
* Perusing a bookshop can be a nice experience, looking for the purchase that’s just right.


* Heavy and usually quite big.
* Books take longer to be delivered when ordered online.
* More fragile – can tear rather easily. 


The e-reader clearly has the advantage in terms of storage space and comfort but books still hold a certain charm. You don’t really sit down with an e-reader and a glass of wine so books have the edge when it comes to ambiance. It’s fun to visit a stuffy bookstore or read a book at Borders with a cup of coffee. The e-book market is one that is limited to cyberspace and that is not a very welcoming or friendly environment. Practical? Yes, certainly. But I understand why some readers are hesitant to make the switch.

Any thoughts? Anyone agree or disagree?