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>Vintage Housewife Notebooks

13 Mar

>I went to the shopping center today to capture all the Easter merchandise on display. Instead, I decided (since the holiday is over a month away) to photograph the quirky housewife notebooks I encountered at Awear.

The shop is famous for its lovely collection of bits and bobs. Not only do they have an impressive amount of school supplies, they are also original and fun. Makes me want to be a schoolgirl again. I always loved that part of the school year (actually, that’s all I really liked about school).

Anyway, women are notoriously bad at resisting pretty things.

I’ll show you what I mean. Doesn’t it spontaneously turn you into a Stepford Wife? It makes me want to bake cookies and lots of them.

To store away all your recipes with their secret ingredients
I love this one – how you can look into the fridge.
For a detailed account of your daily chores
Every decent housewife needs one