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The Art of Decoration: Interior Design

14 Apr

A great way to liven up any room is by placing eyecatchers here and there. My aunt and uncle are an expert at this. Their secret? Add a bit of antique flavour to your interior design.

Here, I’ll show you what I mean.

Roman statues exude elegance. My aunt placed two Roman figures on a window sill with a few coloured bottles.

Just because some things are not in use anymore doesn’t mean we should sell them on Ebay. Some look fabulous on a large table. Notice how she teams up the old with a few neutral but cute wooden boxes. Wood is good. Remember that. Otherwise, a few well-placed glass items will do the trick. That little bright blurb in the far right is a small stone piglet that refused to be photographed.
´╗┐I love what she did with this one. Another small Roman statue. She coupled it with fresh flowers, a candle holder and a few antique glass bottles. Great contrast in the colours.

A fireplace is a great area to show off your interior design skills. A few candles with silver candle sticks would’ve done the trick but the fact that she places red accents on either side and in the middle really makes this scene.

The clock itself is very simple but next to it is a lovely red tea set. On the right you see a small robin figurine and the mail, secured behind a small red stand.
With Easter fast approaching and spring in full swing, you can easily accessorize the house with a bowl of eggs, nicely-shaped rocks or seashells. Very earthly tones in this corner.

Antique lamps can make great decorative pieces. What you see here is a statue of Napoleon. Why not show off your interests in your interior design? 

These candle sticks are very unusual and that’s what makes them work. The colour matches the walls perfectly. Give every corner its own personality. You can go modern in one area, antique in another and mix and match.
Some people have leprechauns. My aunt has a ´╗┐hedgehog smoking a cigar. Quirky items are winners.