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The End of an Era: Last Harry Potter

7 Jul

It’s kind of sad. Next week, the last Harry Potter film will be released. I, like millions of other readers, devoured the seven books. Some of them, I bought on their release day. I’d read them from start to finish. I endured headaches and other distractions, but I refused to put the books down until I’d finished them.

Alright, I had a pit-stop so I could have dinner. But I wanted to know what happened next. J.K. Rowling built us an incredible world filled with magic. She got kids reading and revived the fantasy genre. Single-handedly. No wonder she’s the second-richest woman in England.

Now, that magic has come to an end. At least we got one extra film out of the experience. But it also means I will finally be able to get that much-anticipated box set. Thanks to relatives, I haven’t had to buy any of the films on DVD yet. Nope. Ever since the first ones were released, it was my intention to wait till the whole series was available. It would just look so much prettier on my shelf.

By then, I will hopefully have attained a blu-ray player as well. I already have plenty of DVDs but a few are on my blu-ray list: Pride and Prejudice (the Colin Firth BBC-series), Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Voldemort in blu-ray clarity. Creepy.

I’ve seen all seven movies in theatre so I’m looking forward to catching the last one on the big screen. It is my understanding that some cinemas will be showing a HP marathon. Can you imagine? All eight films back-by-back? I think I’d melt into the seat or dissipate.

Once I get back from seeing it, I will write a review. So far, I read one favourable review from the Daily Mail but that is hardly a reliable source so I’ll reserve my judgement till I see it for myself. Not sure when that will be, though. Didn’t reserve any tix. We’ll see.

And then we will only have Twilight to sustain us. -grumble-