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>Reading List 2011

18 Jan

>Enough already.

I’m sick of buying new books only to display them on my shelf. I’m sick of starting to read a book and then abandoning it with equal enthusiasm.

What is the point of having a bookshelf full of books if they’re only there for decorative purposes?

I’ve made myself a promise this year: I will not buy any new books before I have read every book on the shelf.

I’m writing this at work so the list below may in incomplete. First draft:



Pride and Prejudice
Northanger Abbey
The Painted Veil
Masterclass in writing fiction
The art and craft of storytelling
Bridget Jones’s Diary


Wuthering Heights
Bram Stoker’s Dracula


Mansfield Park
Sense and Sensibility – part of my Reading Challenge
Victorian Life
A Journal Of the Plague Year
Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Anne of Green Gables (not yet received)

I’m happy about one thing: that most of my books are still back home so I can’t possibly read those (excuses, excuses…).

After that I should move on to my e-reader. That’s still chock-full of partially-read books. But that’ll come later. Let’s start reading! Once I finish one of them, I will write a review.

>Books vs. E-readers

7 Jan


I bought the Sony Pocket Edition E-reader a while ago and have been using it for months now. As such, I would like to discuss the advantages of e-readers and compare them to those of regular books so potential buyers might make up their mind more easily.


* Light and relatively small. Makes it easy to carry and enables you to read without getting in anyone’s way.
* Modern, pretty design. Will make it look as if you are up-to-date on technology. 
* Room for up to 300 books so you only need one device to keep yourself entertained.
* Automatically keeps track of your progress. No need to use bookmarkers.
* The eBook library allows you to transfer PDF, Word and other text files to your e-reader.
* When you order an e-book, you don’t have to wait for delivery. You can download it instantly.


* New product so not all books are available yet as e-books.
* Don’t come with bookcovers.
* Not the same as a rare first edition on your bookshelf.


* Have a lovely cover that looks good on your bookshelf.
* Are available in different editions that can be quite valuable.
* More books available than e-books.
* Give one an air of intellect (also a potential con when viewed as a bookwurm)
* Perusing a bookshop can be a nice experience, looking for the purchase that’s just right.


* Heavy and usually quite big.
* Books take longer to be delivered when ordered online.
* More fragile – can tear rather easily. 


The e-reader clearly has the advantage in terms of storage space and comfort but books still hold a certain charm. You don’t really sit down with an e-reader and a glass of wine so books have the edge when it comes to ambiance. It’s fun to visit a stuffy bookstore or read a book at Borders with a cup of coffee. The e-book market is one that is limited to cyberspace and that is not a very welcoming or friendly environment. Practical? Yes, certainly. But I understand why some readers are hesitant to make the switch.

Any thoughts? Anyone agree or disagree?