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More Madeira

30 Apr

Just going to update with some more photographs.

The view from my hotel room.

Madeira Photography

22 Apr

Here are my first photographs of beautiful Madeira.

Spring in Dublin

20 Mar
After a long slumber, spring gently awakens with a yawn and the sun, greeting its drowsy sibling, illuminates the Earth with rays of promise.
The wind sweeps across the fields, shaking buds into action; blossom peeks from ancient branches.

The trees, aching from winters past, smile upon the change of seasons.
Plants of hues bright and merry join the springtime dance aplenty.
Pinks and yellows all around even antique finds abound.
Tulips filled with sun delight sparkle happily and bright
Cars are sweating in the sun while birds are playing, oh such fun!  

>Strawberry Brunches

24 Feb


I can feel it in the air – like a whispered promise. Spring is coming. The birds told me so. As I skip to work at ungodly hours, their music accompanies and soothes me. How can I not be merry when the world around me is waking up from a long, cold slumber? I, too, am awakened once more. 

Today in particular was a very fine afternoon. Sunshine is scarce in Ireland. Methinks the leprechauns stuffed it in a pot at the end of a rainbow. But today, the drowsy sun, emboldened by its hibernation, greeted me with a gentle embrace. I bought myself the first ice-cream of the year, hurried to my favourite hiding place and sat down on the grass, watching the birds frolic in the bushes and listening to their song. I felt at that instant one with nature.

Ah, isn’t life beautiful? At such moments, it seems most precious. Spring is a time for long walks and gardening – watching the flowers blossom before your very eyes. Spring is also an excellent time for high tea or elegant brunches. Last year, we had several and I would like to share with you a few photographs from those occasions.