Bournemouth Beauty

30 Sep

Been a bit busy lately with my new job and most importantly, my new boyfriend.

But as evidenced below, I’m still photographing (even bought a new fancy camera). Also been getting tickled by the writing bug. But the bug has been swatted for now.

Maybe next week when I’m working the late shift I can churn out a few chapters for one of my WIPs. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our Indian Summer.

Sitting in the late September sun reminds me of the summers from yesteryears. Climbing trees and other such mischief and not wanting to go back to school. But the days are getting shorter and darkness trickles down in the early evenings.

The trees are slowly dusting off their summery colours and preparing for their palette of autumnal splendour. It will provide me with an excuse to get out and about and admire our lovely planet.

One Response to “Bournemouth Beauty”

  1. Anonymous at 8:26 am #

    I love your Bournemouth Beauty very much, the story and the pictures.The houses look like some here in Nijmegen. Get out some more and take pictures of coloured leaves, berries and such. You will enjoy that very much.Have a nice date today with Christopher!Mumsey

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