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10th sale of Celestial Mists: Exogenesis!

3 Jun

I can’t help but be proud.

It’s a good month for me so far. I had seven sales in the last three days 😀

Three sales last month (only started doing promo little over a week ago).

-huggles book- 

Well done, you!

Everyone….drinks are on me!

Chocolate for Breakfast

2 Jun

I have a day off today and what better way to celebrate my recent sales (I’m up to 6 now!) than with home-made milkshakes and Guylian chocolates? I just love those. Every calorie of them. 

I bought a blender a few weeks ago and we’ve been vast friends ever since. I’ll tell you right now that I’m not much of a culinary princess, but everyone can whip up a smoothie, right? So I’ve turned it into an art form. Fresh fruit, yoghurt, ice-cream, juice. I mix it all up. Sometimes, I add a bit of honey for sweetness. Yum.

But my favourite is the milkshake. I buy vanilla ice-cream, add caramel sauce and start blending. It’s best if you wait until the ice-cream is beginning to melt. That way, it’s easier to drink. It’s delicious with the full flavour of ice-cream instead of that crap they use at McDonald’s. I am never going back!

Why do my posts keep showing as date undefined? Things like that really tick me off.

First sale for Exogenesis!

31 May

Sooo…..I’ve started doing promo for my book but it is a lot more difficult than I thought it would be.

Exogenesis has been up on Smashwords, and and for a week now and not not one single sale. -sad face-

EDIT! My first sale! Things are beginning to look up. Slowly. haha. I actually have a rank now on

Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #56,265 Paid in Kindle Store
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #39,409 Paid in Kindle Store
Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #37,598 Paid in Kindle Store

I posted at some forums and emailed at least two dozen blogs for a review but haven’t received any feedback yet – except to say that they’re busy (and one person said she felt uncomfortable reviewing a book about demons and the Devil).

EDIT! The first positive reply. I will start a list of blogs that have agreed to review Exogenesis.

1. Kindle Obsessed: (she has June off so probably sometime in July)

My book is also featured on:

On a more positive note, I sent off my manuscript to a literary consultancy for an assessment so I hope I will learn a lot from that.

Although my book now counts 81,000 glorious words instead of a mortal 77,000. Let’s see what they say to version one before we continue with anymore edits.

I also tried to create a book video because that might help sales but my software abandoned me twice and I didn’t want to start over a third time so I gave up for now.

Celestial Mists: Exogenesis

25 May

After a brainstorming session with my sister (in the form of an impromptu association exercise), we came up with a more genre-appropriate title for my book. We decided to stick to Exogenesis for the book itself and renamed the series to Celestial Mists.

My sister also created a new cover (plus covers for two sequels, for kicks), using Ciska’s drawing for the illustration.

I have also decided to try a literay consultancy and I await their verdict. I think it would be beneficial to get a professional editor to take a serious look at my manuscript so we can polish and perfect it for (paperback) publishing. But I am sure it will be a long process. However, I am prepared to put in the work.