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Autumnal Splendour

2 Oct

Seasons of mist… oh wait, it’s been sunny almost all week. 😀

I thought it was supposed to be autumn? Either way, I’m awfully glad we’ve been enjoying this Indian Summer.

It’s perfect for a photography trip.


10 Apr

Sunshine rarely frequents the Emerald Isle but it made a surprise appearance this weekend.

After yesterday’s sunny rays, I spent a big portion of the afternoon languishing in the garden.

I began sitting in a small chair – erect and proper. But the will-power quickly deserted me and I descended to the soft greens of the grass.

Glancing at the sky, I caught a glimpse of the skulking moon and a passing plane. How blue the sky seemed. Not a single speck of cloud.

All around me were fragments of leaves, the remnants of fall and floating daisies, the furniture of the elves.

When I arose from my springtime bed, resembling a grass nymph, my cheeks were happily aglow and my spirits much improved.

Oh, happy days.

No visual this time because the sun needs no embelishments.

La dolce vita

3 Apr

I like to imagine myself living in an exotic place amid the clouds.

In this fantasy, I own a merry little apartment in the sun. 

In my backyard, a hammock floats between the trees with my bikini-clad self perched on top.

Sunglasses protect my eyes from the sun and in my hand, I’m holding a good book a la Dickens and in the other a (non-alcoholic -cough-) refreshment.

La dolce vita, dolce far niente! 

Spring in Dublin

20 Mar
After a long slumber, spring gently awakens with a yawn and the sun, greeting its drowsy sibling, illuminates the Earth with rays of promise.
The wind sweeps across the fields, shaking buds into action; blossom peeks from ancient branches.

The trees, aching from winters past, smile upon the change of seasons.
Plants of hues bright and merry join the springtime dance aplenty.
Pinks and yellows all around even antique finds abound.
Tulips filled with sun delight sparkle happily and bright
Cars are sweating in the sun while birds are playing, oh such fun!