The Art of Procrastination

21 Aug

I often think to myself: this weekend I’m going to write!

What’s wrong with this way of thinking?

First of all, writing shouldn’t have to be planned. Second of all, it should be done every day.

I come up with many excuses not to do it. Some of my favourites?

1. First, I should check my email/read the news/update my facebook, etc.
2. But there’s a nice film/TV show on that I should watch for inspiration.
3. Maybe later. Let’s listen to some music first.
4. I still need to get my groceries/do my laundry.
5. But my friend/boyfriend/relative just got online and we haven’t spoken in….hours!

Of course there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. Which is why we should get our priorities straight. What is more important? Working on that international best-seller that is sure to win the Nobel Prize of Literature… or watch random cat videos on YouTube?

The choice is yours.

5 Responses to “The Art of Procrastination”

  1. Jeff at 4:58 pm #

    Distractions are what keep us from writing. We can come up with a multitude of excuses because we haven't embraced theidea that this is our job. What is the harm in writing today? The harm is becoming stale in our thoughts. I have found I balance the day. I do not intentionally wake-up thinking I am going to write a 3500 page chapter. I check emails, get some coffee, read the paper clearing the clutter from my mind to the point I am ready to jump back on the book. I will hit it hard for one to two hours and take a break if required. I write probably four hours a day unless the chapter is begining to be finished. Sometimes while I'm writing I just know I dont' like what is filling the pages but still press on then re-read it the following to make the necessary corrections. Like everyone else, we do need a life, but our job is only a desktop away. Resilience and persitence come from ourselves.

  2. Lynn Hallbrooks at 7:16 pm #

    I have a better one…I have a four year old Godson who loves to come in and get my attention. I'm like Jeff in a way. I clear out my e-mail, Facebook, etc. I work on my daily column for Independent Authors and Writers. Sometimes I feel inspired to blog (I know have two different ones – one for writing and one for Spiritual things). Then I sometimes get sidetracked with cooking or cleaning or other things helping out at my friend's house. Then when the house is finally quiet, I work on the revisions for the first book. Eventually I hope to get back to typing on the second book. Like I told another fellow writer…Sleep? What is sleep?Have a great one!

  3. Patsy at 7:30 pm #

    I paint my nails – then I can't type or I'll smudge them.

  4. Anonymous at 8:49 am #

    Only if you really want to write, you will write.For me it's the same with sewing. I will find every reason not to sew, but I know I have to eventually.And you can't plan when or how many pages to write. If you're inspired, you will write!Mumsey

  5. Tim Greaton at 1:22 pm #

    Renate, I think your comments are not only applicable to writing but everything else in life. We're constantly barraged with various activities that we want or need to do. Only are ability to prioritize and act on the most important ones will earn us the rewards we seek in life. 'Course, I like the way you put it better 🙂

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