Fashion Fail: High Heel Horses Hooves

15 Mar

What? Yes, you can now wear horses hooves style shoes.

For a cool 1,300 pounds the shoes are yours (if you want them at all). As for me, I wouldn’t wear them if they PAID me money to do so.

The hoof itself is made from carbon fibre and about 5,000 horse hairs. Yuck. Just the thought of wearing shoes made of horse hair makes my own hair stand on end.

The designers are hoping visitors to Cheltenham will hoof up for the races as they celebrate their 100th anniversary. But I doubt anyone will dare strut around in these monstrositous.

It has to be said, though, that it is a good cause. Proceeds of the hooves go to charity.

One of the model was quoted as saying: ”They are really comfortable and almost make you feel like you want to get on the track and gallop down the final furlong. I’m not sure they’re for everyone, but I definitely would like a pair of these hooves.”

And there you have it. Horse hooves shoes are the new Uggs. Hideous but comfy. -shudders-

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