>Ode to a Writing Desk

22 Feb

>Aren’t writing desks the most fantabulous things? I certainly think so and antique writing desks even more so due to the history behind it. 

Just imagining myself sitting behind such a fine piece of furniture inspires me. I think of the creative souls of yesteryears that sat in my place, writing their letters (back when people still put pen to paper) and keeping in touch with distant relatives. A time when we travelled by carriage and dreamed of uncharted territory.

Writing desks remind me of courtship. Yes, they open up a whole world of girlish romance. And I’m not even trying to resist. So, let’s marvel at a few lovely specimens. I own an antique one myself that I shall share soon in a post dedicated to the delights of antiquities. 

Fine, I cheated. This is a whole set. But I love it!
A modern incarnation

One Response to “>Ode to a Writing Desk”

  1. Anonymous at 12:15 am #

    I love desks, no matter what period.A pity people don't write at desks anymore.

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