10 Oct

I spent the day at Weymouth to apply for my National Insurance Number.

While I was there, I took some photographs of the lovely architecture, snacked on chocolates and saw Crazy, Stupid, Love at the cinema.

Had some laughs and ate some dubious Italian that my friend ended up sending back, apologising profusely.

National Poetry Day

6 Oct

Why did no one tell me it was National Poetry Day?

I could’ve written something truly inspiring. Well, perhaps. I could’ve given it a go at least.

Still could, but it’s getting late and my brain is half-way to Neverland. Not sure it could still produce coherent sentences.

Never mind masterful poetry and to make a half-hearted attempt would be an insult to National Poetry Day, would it not?

It is. Or so I tell myself. Perfect excuse.

As the Spanish would say: “Mañana, mañana!”

Because tomorrow… is another day! Better make it count then.

Autumnal Splendour

2 Oct

Seasons of mist… oh wait, it’s been sunny almost all week. 😀

I thought it was supposed to be autumn? Either way, I’m awfully glad we’ve been enjoying this Indian Summer.

It’s perfect for a photography trip.

Bournemouth Beauty

30 Sep

Been a bit busy lately with my new job and most importantly, my new boyfriend.

But as evidenced below, I’m still photographing (even bought a new fancy camera). Also been getting tickled by the writing bug. But the bug has been swatted for now.

Maybe next week when I’m working the late shift I can churn out a few chapters for one of my WIPs. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our Indian Summer.

Sitting in the late September sun reminds me of the summers from yesteryears. Climbing trees and other such mischief and not wanting to go back to school. But the days are getting shorter and darkness trickles down in the early evenings.

The trees are slowly dusting off their summery colours and preparing for their palette of autumnal splendour. It will provide me with an excuse to get out and about and admire our lovely planet.

Dorset Day Trips – Lyme Regis/Poole

2 Sep

Now I’m properly settled in Bournemouth it’s time to start exploring the neighbouring towns.

I must admit that I am no stranger to Lyme Regis. I visited the coastal town in my youth to visit the location of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, one of my favourite novels. Not that I remember much of the occasion. I couldn’t have been much older than 12.

But I am looking forward to revisit the town and soak up its literary atmosphere – to linger on the steps where Louisa Musgrove fell and sank into unconsciousness. She subsequently got nursed back to health by her would-be husband. I’d rather forego on the accident but wouldn’t mind the happy ending. Sigh. Captain Wentworth.

At any rate, I have become rather fond of coastal towns. Last weekend, I briefly explored the harbour town of Poole. Some mighty fine ships there were! I would’ve commandeered one of them had I possession of a crew. Alas! But I enjoyed my harbour stroll regardless.

I’m just not sure what to wear and whether to bring my brolly or not. After two days of fine, sunny weather tomorrow is sure to be a disappointment but thunderstorms are rather becoming of seaside locations, are they not? I shall return bearing gifts. That is, hopefully I’ll be able to take some photographs.

I will certainly bring my notepad. Just in case..

The Art of Procrastination

21 Aug

I often think to myself: this weekend I’m going to write!

What’s wrong with this way of thinking?

First of all, writing shouldn’t have to be planned. Second of all, it should be done every day.

I come up with many excuses not to do it. Some of my favourites?

1. First, I should check my email/read the news/update my facebook, etc.
2. But there’s a nice film/TV show on that I should watch for inspiration.
3. Maybe later. Let’s listen to some music first.
4. I still need to get my groceries/do my laundry.
5. But my friend/boyfriend/relative just got online and we haven’t spoken in….hours!

Of course there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all the things we want to do. Which is why we should get our priorities straight. What is more important? Working on that international best-seller that is sure to win the Nobel Prize of Literature… or watch random cat videos on YouTube?

The choice is yours.

Bird Watching

3 Aug
Taken in the Bournemouth aviary.